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COMMAND: Control and Monitoring of Multi-user Advanced Networked Data

Our command system gives operators true situational awareness on common data, where information from real-time sources such as terminal screens, networked applications, satellite receivers, the Internet and other content can be simultaneously displayed and shared.

Our command system enables and promotes informed decision-making at a unified level, which is important for the critical operations hosted.

Key Features

  • Highly flexible
  • Quick deployment
  • Universal hardware compatibility
  • High number of input sources
  • High number of output sources
  • Reduced costs


Market offers very expensive, not that flexible or scalable hardware based systems that are difficult to manage and use – our system delivers a state of the art, and at the same time cost-effective video-wall system for control centers that easy to manage and even easier to


Customers need flexible (change/scale) and reliable solutions that are easy to manage and use, with low purchase and running cost – solutions that are quick to implement and that can be easily adjusted to support their needs now and in the future


Designed to support space mission. Enabling highest security standards and redundance possibilities.. Enabling spacecraft operators to solve critical situations by this unique cooperative design. Designed for space, available on earth!